Saturday, June 17, 2006

Our Cousin's wedding....

Last weeekend our cousin, Crystal Trayer, was wedded to Nathan Hodge. They had a beautiful wedding and reception that we all enjoyed. Evangeline and I (Elizabeth) were asked to play the piano for the ceremony - a 45min. prelude, Bridal Chorus & Wedding march, Trumpet Voluntary, and then some more while pictures were being taken. Whew - what a lot of music to learn! Thankfully, we were able to practice the music ahead of time except the Trumpet Voluntary, which was given to me the night before the wedding! I had to sight-read it for the rehersal, (which I'm not very good at) but thankfully it wasn't hard so I made it through all right.


Rochenda said...

I loved seeing pictures of Crystal's wedding. We lived on the same hall in the dorm at GBS.

The Canfield Family said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I didn't know that you went to college the same time Crystal did... That's neat!

We truely enjoy your forwards! Keep 'm comin'!