Thursday, November 17, 2005

Photography Effect

You'll never believe what I did to get the misty effect when I took this
picture of our baby grand. If you want to know, e-mail me and I'll
tell you -Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I am wondering how you got the misty look in the picture? It looked like you sneezed before you took the picture - ha, ha. We just finished watching the video of you all and us when we were up there with you all last year. You guys did really good at the piano recital. Hope you are having a happy Thanksgiving. E-mail anytime you want to. I like your blog page.


The Canfields said...

Hi. This is also the Canfield family!! And that piano sure looks like the baby grand we have here in our home. My wife, Connie, teaches here at the college and has taken several pictures of herself at her piano, a Mason & Hamlin, 7'. I'm just amazed that there could be two families with such a music ability, named Canfield. Respectfully, Dan Canfield

Andrew said...

Nice site. Hope everyone is doing ok.